Unveiling Forms

Photography & Visual Arts

Unveiling Forms

This work makes use of the language of Photography, working with the shape of the female body through B&W technique (Black and White) and an analog camera.I make an investigation of the female body through the camera, capturing the shapes by putting photographic equipment on the floor. There is partial control of the image through drawings of the body, from the bottom- up, and my own sight of the camera direction. The anguish of investigating the female body came from not knowing one’s own body as a whole but always mediated by a mirror, which presents an inversion of the image, and/or by someone else’s view.

The position and movement of the body make surprising images. It creates surrealistic gures that cause strangeness to the viewer. The female body carries more than ever the issue of carnal pleasure and an idealistic aesthetic. There is a constant preoccupation about appearance and a theatrical and pleasant posture. This body is the target by manipulation and a search of perfection. This way, the woman has to be framed under certain aesthetic standards, which are established in accordance with the fashion at the time.

This work is a perspective of the female body, searching for shapes and contours unnoticed by conventional photography and the viewer. Through this study the female body is set away of the eroticism explored by the general media, presenting itself as a complex physical structure. There is a deconstruction of the erotic view of the female body.

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